Blisslights UK 220 V Power Supply
$30.00 + $5 Freight    
Bliss Timer $14.95 + $5 Freight  
The Blisslights timer is a
in line timer
that is designed to work with
the Blisslights power supplies
for both the Blisslights
SPRIGHT light OR the 16 color
Accent spot.
Blisslights Clamp $34.95 + $5 Freight    
Use the clamp on a fence, counter top etc.
Extremely strong, opens to 1 3/4" maybe bigger if you
have strong hands.
Works on Spright  Blisslights ONLY.
This timer runs ON for 6 hours, and then OFF for 18
hours.  There are NO other options.  The ON time
starts when you PLUG IT IN.  There is no "clock
function" on this timer.  IF you want to change
start times, you must UNPLUG it then plug it in
when you want the 6 Hour ON time to start.  
WARNING - If there is a power failure, even for a
second, during the day, or ANYTIME, the timer will
reset when the power comes back on. You will
need to re adjust the timer by plugging it in at the
time that you want the light to com on.
Please read before ordering timer
Click on
photo to
see Power
Point of
this Clamp
Blisslights replacement 120 V
Power Supply
$30.00 + $5 Freight