BlissLights combines holographic and laser technology to bring you a truly amazing lighting experience.

At first glance, the pin points of light look like traditional rope lights, but when you look closer, you will see that your entire
tree, house or yard is covered with pin points of light.  Your friends and neighbors will be amazed!  They’ll think you put in
countless hours of work decorating, when it really took you less than 5 minutes.  Be prepared to be the center of attention
and don’t be surprised if your neighbors knock on your door to ask you how you did it.

The BlissLight Spright Compact projects a huge field of fireflies into the trees and surrounding landscape, perfect for an
evening pool party, or simply to enhance the beauty of your landscape.   It is simply to use.  Plug it into any standard outlet
and amaze yourself and your friends as your yard comes to life.  A single BlissLight Spright covers a huge 30' X 30' area.  
The firefly is one of nature’s truly remarkable bioluminescent creatures.  Their intoxicating glow coupled with their hypnotic
dance against lush green vegetation is a serene experience.  The BlissLight Spright will recreate the magic in your yard.

The BlissLight Spright provides you a unique advantage for holiday lighting – you can enjoy the beauty of the holiday lights
without the work.  No more ladders, broken bulbs and holiday stress associated with traditional holiday lighting.  Now you
can plug the BlissLight Spright into any standard outlet, point it and you are done.  It’s as easy as 1-2-WOW!   The
BlissLight Spright uses laser and holographic technology to project thousands of pin points of light which look similar to
traditional holiday rope lights.  With twice the WOW! Factor and none of the work, the BlissLight Spright is the new holiday
light on everyone’s wish list.

The advance design of the BlissLight Spright allows it to work with existing low voltage lighting systems and automatically
compensates for voltage drop (a problem that has plagued contractors for years).   Our design has created a light that is
more efficient that LED technology  and has a 7,000 hour lamp life which means the lamp will last an average of 4.75 years
if used for 4 hours every night.

30’ x 30’ coverage area – replaces 4 standard landscape lights or hundreds of feet of rope lighting.  Illuminate water
features, gazebos, gardens, arbors, homes, walkways, bedrooms and more.
Average of just 3 watts used  in temps above 55ºF and 8 watts in temps below 55ºF
*Automatically compensates for voltage drop in low voltage lighting systems
Nighttime Operating temperature of  -15ºF to 90ºF
Microprocessor controlled for intelligent operation

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Class 3r

Maximum Beamlet Power
Less than 5 mw

Color -
532nm Green

Laser MTBF (Mean time between failure)
More than 7,000 hours

Laser Optics
Single Source

Power Consumption
3 watts: 65ºF - 90ºF - Below 55ºF 8 watts

Power Input
12VAC/DC direct OR from supplied all weather 120 VAC power supply

Indoor / Outdoor
Spright Color
Spright Motion

Operating Temperature
-15º F to 90º F

Projection Coverage
30 ft. X 30 ft.

Maintenance Free

16”H x 6”L x 4”W Classic

NEW! Compact Spright
4.5" X 3.8" X 5" for the Head
Only 13" high with stake.

1 Year
All the above information also applies to the MOVE except the MOTION contains a motor which creates the movement of the

The BlissLights Spright Motion uses laser and holographic technology to project thousands of moving pin-points of light. Just plug-
in and point to create a truly unique lighting experience. No longer are the lights static and you can see the “fireflies” dance in
your garden or add extra allure to your holiday display! Indoors or outdoors, the possibilities are endless!

The Blisslights Spright Motion Green can be used on any surface indoors or outdoors. It looks amazing on trees and plants and
creates that magical “firefly” glow in your backyard for a truly amazing lighting experience. Let your imagination make you into an
instant lighting designer with our color options. Use only one color or combine the colors to create the effect you wish.

- The Spright Motion comes in 2 different colors  
BLUE and GREEN  (Blue is out of stock)
- New Laser and Improved Holographics  
NOTE: Blue laser light engines are considerably more expensive than green.

- Included with the Spright Motion: 12V Manufacture provided transformer, flat base and 1 BlissLights stake

- 30’ x 30’ coverage area or about the size of 2 two-car garages.

- Replaces 4 standard landscape lights or hundreds of feet of rope lighting.

- Uses an average of just 7 watts in temps above 55F (17 watts in temps below 55F).

- Nighttime Operating temperature of -15F to 90F (Allow 15 minutes for built-in heater to start in colder temperatures)
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Download the Compact
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